Friday, May 21, 2010

Through the Illuminated Grates

Tonight our skin has become a flitting checkerboard,

Geometric slices of streetlight creep

through my window,

sliding along the wall,

wary intruders coming to rest along

the middle of my spine

like cascading escapees

from a cracked kaliedoscope,

orange against black.

Your fingers strive to take me in totality,

making traces in the

florescent diamonds

crisscrossing our bodies

making us into twilight jesters,

twin fools reveling in our gasps

and quick glints

in my teeth,

shooting stars to her

swimming in the dark

when I throw my head back,

with intent eyes that widen under

the cover of shadow,

an open mouth swathed

in the dull pomegranate of the streetlamp

waiting for the next thrust to blink.

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