Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Wish

I wish I could get what I want

just too chickenshit to just admit

what I want
to who I want it from
since I laid eyes on it
both my motivation and my distraction
scared of admission,

but not of following through
curiosity torments the mind

and desire lacerates the palms,

coloring the impatience of anxious digits

which long forgot how to be rigid

because bones melt at the chance to be languid

and teeth click at the chance to grit,

grind and exhale,

breathe in her aria

and speak slick intonation into her navel,

as if friction were your life force

manufactured in velvet benedictions

galloping from throats

like hoarse inevitabilities,

forget the slipshod shyness

or sexpot subtleties,

bare it all and kneel before

a dam of expectancy.

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