Monday, June 7, 2010

Shoulder for Hire

Feeling like an undesirable wire,

ire charges through me as

I feel wrapped around fickle fingers,

jealousy lingers like a negative charge

through my flimsy copper core,

I beg for more

with lapdog eyes,

I try to act surprised

when she talks about them,

grim specters dissecting

my expectations with

corporeal strikes to my midsection

and neophyte expectations like

a paper shredder,

I wager I'm not as

good or fun or can fuck

like her other prospects

just worthy enough to be on deck

a pinch-hitter contingency nigger

crammed between late-night debaucheries,

I assure myself it's for the better

to reassess this infatuation

running riot in our bloodstreams

from different I.V. feeds,

After seeing where it leads

I look at my punctured mind

and try to sort out a salient solution

some absolution through withdrawal

scheming for solace where possible

so mental landslides from molehills

will seem less caustic,

slightly defeated and a tad exhausted

a temporary comfort mercenary trying

to feel less hostile.

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