Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forgotten Phrases

As its glimmer dimmed

in the frantic dark

flailing of your lungs against your sheets,

you kick yourself and ask:

“why oh why didn’t I write that down?!”

So you give chase,

the rapid footfalls of your idea

taunting your sluggish memory

with a cloud of potential and pentameter

as its glimmer dimmed in the frantic dark

your clumsy imagination

a sloppy gumshoe,

clutches the footprints

of the fleeing similes

and tries in vain

to swallow them down as

relief for the anguish of letting

that slick little poem

get away in the first place

as its glimmer dimmed

That sketchpad seems so painfully far

away as your brain gets manic,

crinkling with mental cramps

because your mind cannot take this

desperate flogging as that dead horse is

getting away,

Face in hands,

you resign yourself by

flirting with forgetfulness,

false bliss to calm down

from the loss of what could have been,

the fleeting poem escapes

as its glimmer dimmed.

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