Monday, November 29, 2010

A Sound and Basic Education

“…the Campaign for Fiscal Equity settlement had been ailing long before Lehman Brothers closed.”[1]

Even when you win you lose,

once again the bureaucratic rope-a-dope

dangling replenishing funds over

the raised bruises on the backs

to come back down with the lash

of the bowed necks of children bent

grimacing over dented and graffitied desks.

They quickly learn that the people

who hold the power care very

little for their efforts sweat and toil

trilling through the tense veins working on

the tops of their scribbling hands

like thick ropes hauling freight at the harbor,

coiled against the thin bones they work their fingers to,

every so often glancing out of tall gated windows,

eyes wide like trapped minnows in a bucket,

begging to be out there beyond the bars

with the young disbarred debutants

doing nothing with the other skittering dropouts

carousing in playgrounds and cart wheeling

out of reach of the desperate agents of truancy.

The Campaign for Equity is

a noble quest formed out

of the frothing behest of

legions of not consulted parents

who only want the best,

for their struggling children

who don’t see the tweed viper

pushed closed against their breasts,

the second the scholastic Sisyphusean race

causing capillaries to careen

through furrowed fork-veined

foreheads, the snake bites down,

seemingly eager to thresh neophyte hopes

because the State reaper’s scope

only sees them fit for a paper hat

greasetrapped future.

Broken schools improperly sutured

Governor Patterson espouses the truth in

press conference sutras:

“The road to economic competitiveness

and renewal runs right through our schools,”

a glimmering thread of truth in the liar’s spool

quickly spun into tightly knit statements

heralding justifications of abatement of help:

“However, during this downturn,

we simply cannot spend more —

so we must spend more effectively.”

the blinders of governmental denial

make it easy to gladhand and just let it be.

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