Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Tiny Exquisite Corpse

Dream stating while awaiting your delayed call,

I don’t like waiting and where

Did I leave my penny loafers?

Those brown refugees cry for wriggling piggies lust

for Kermi was so great she jumped his BONES rattle,

the excited marrow curls with fear they manipulate

the masses to hate what is different,

to oppose progressive change,

and to embrace war,

but that sucks so get to work like a bitch

heat driven towards fulfilling instinctual

commands minds are like a parachute,

what happens when they fail to openly KILL THEM ALL

because I hate this game and

there’s too much to do

and they’re all following me

like floundering barracudas jaws snapping expectantly

like greedy hinges on the red fire door

rings false

the porcelain knitwork vase

stood lean and tall,

is something I always wanted to be

able to open time with wire cutters.

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