Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stroll Through the Garden

Women, like flowers
expand as light passes quick
through them,
here in Washington Square,
an open-air market
where they'll be picked,
fickle though they are
as they parade through
the narrow walkways,
beautiful solo or as
part of a strutting bouquet

1st Avenue Routine

Echoing the millions of steps
before these I trot down
familiar chameleon streets,
their shadowed skins pulled
tight over my own,
caked with rats and shaking
with a cacophony of catcalls,
the thud of drunken pratfalls,

Surrounded by the piss-tinged gall
draped on me, on you, on all,
an overcoat of potential adventures
to seize these 13th Street tropes,
to open our throats to
the lurking nightlife,
shady assailant with an unsteady knife

A mugger with deadly poise
when it has an arm around
our shoulders as soon as our jaws
go slack in it's friendly squeeze,
it strikes unseen
under the happy sheen of
stupid whiskey grins

These evenings sending
us lurching down the street,
bodies languid with lust
trusting our trains
will bring us safely
home again.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nights at the Niagara

Ghosts of the past
run a shadow gallery
as live as the Louvre
in lieu of the lockstep
march of the hourglass
long trudged over
the true basic training times
in college where
we like fledglings
waddled out of the gate
with an unsure gait,
searching for our footing
in the dark,
squinting at quaking feet
instead of peering forward
at seemingly impossible goals
representing stern gaols
rising up in the
imperceptible distance

Though in tonight's instance,
those lofty perches are
forgotten in the flood
of vodka and reminiscence
made distinct by this
night of cameos
the throes of which
sit heavier than hot lights
on the highlights of genius
splattered against the wall

Spray paint of the subconscious
sitting splayed out
amongst the storm
of rabble rousers
out and about
in this Lower East Side parade,
a midnight carnival carved
from the fruits
of restless nights
in restless rooms,
the toil from their tombs
the sum total of
a typhoon of restless swoons
swirling into momentary celebrity
shooting us all high into
an orbit of everlasting celerity.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Needing Frenzy

With a tiny beep
a fleet of expectations
are launched like small ships
in my bloodstream,
an armada of bravado
set to sail with me
toward a text invitation
to vivacious company

I try to remain steady,
can't get lost in the heady
predatory shift of will,
as a lusting hand takes
control of the wheel
my oars thrusting forward
towards potential sexual thrills
heartbeat alive with
the trill of man's cherished
primordial goal,
to get the girl
who always sits on
a seat of power
perennially thirsted after,
the brass ring on
this mating dance merry-go-round

Grappling with this on
the hissing J train rocketing
city-bound I wear
the face of a pensive hound
eyeing food just out of reach,
clacking toward a potentially
lurid future the face of this girl's
significant other assuredly
smother my ambitions once hot
as a blazing fireplace.