Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Needing Frenzy

With a tiny beep
a fleet of expectations
are launched like small ships
in my bloodstream,
an armada of bravado
set to sail with me
toward a text invitation
to vivacious company

I try to remain steady,
can't get lost in the heady
predatory shift of will,
as a lusting hand takes
control of the wheel
my oars thrusting forward
towards potential sexual thrills
heartbeat alive with
the trill of man's cherished
primordial goal,
to get the girl
who always sits on
a seat of power
perennially thirsted after,
the brass ring on
this mating dance merry-go-round

Grappling with this on
the hissing J train rocketing
city-bound I wear
the face of a pensive hound
eyeing food just out of reach,
clacking toward a potentially
lurid future the face of this girl's
significant other assuredly
smother my ambitions once hot
as a blazing fireplace.

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