Tuesday, December 27, 2011


With eyes half-lidded and harsh,

twilight intentions surround me,

she won't let up

with slight smile and guiding hips

that twist counterclockwise assaults

against me so fiercely

my hipbones are jarred

She undulates, pale

in the trace of the striped spotlight

Of streetlight, a lithe viper

eyes like amber agates

hard and widening at her task

as I bask in the shifting valley

of her back, right palm

planted in the hilltop of her shoulder

my fingers take root, gnarled

under her shoulder blade,

as her thrusting pace bade

to drive myself deeper,

a sliding explorer

in a humid glade,

soon in my many slips

I am made a slave,

her calculating smile

the teeth of a fly trap

I clutch her warily

as the tamer does the asp

except I shudder, bitten

inching into twitching

wet murder

Her hurried gasps

only confuse me further

into surrender,

swaying with her

in some frenzied dance

of tongue and teeth,

gleaming like knives

serrated and plunging deep

and sharp,

making us slick

without reservations

Inhibitions long

forgotten in the

waves of her moans,

she an island roamed

stomach to spine we


I am the diving serpent

she my writhing world.

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