Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Temp

Bathroom battleground,
cathartic cleansing for rent
I return home spent,

Wednesday heralds checks,
victory comes once a week
thin slip heaven-sent.

14 Miligrams

Fingering furtive,

I eye the striped straw rolling

in the still June night

a perverse stage fright

overcomes thumbs, this is not

a ho-hum feeling,

new ceilings break on

the first inhalation whooshed

loosed on my brain stem,

orange rockets pulled

into pockets patching

the septum reeling,

I wonder if frying

my brain is worth it

as I work the straw,

a pen shakily tumbling

over tense knuckles

like a dancing coin,

I sniff readily

as the pen begins

deadly pirouettes across the page.


I often wonder if he

ever really appreciates

anything we do for him

as I skid along underground

inside the L train,

a silver rider of the subways,

these thrice-weekly jaunts are mainstays

in my day-to-day quest to

beat back the

mundane commiseration

of two unemployed hermits,

content to permit life fly

through a hot box haze

I am deployed to the

city for vegetable missions

now made slightly sour

by family fissures forced open

by the longing and fermented hoping

of a man who devours

as he deprecates other devourers,

left sour and steadily shorn

from those for whom his patience has worn.

Monday, February 27, 2012

An Inanimate Objection

Accompanied by the cold
winds of Bed-Stuy
to the tune of scuffed shoes,
I am fuming
loosie burning,
fists balled and frown confused
wondering what it takes
to have you all.

I've tried nice and safe,
mouth glued shut to stem
the glut of my guttural intent
to see them bent over and under
my hands grabbing at the lune
of their backs,
so my minor attacks are sweet
compliments they accept airily,
as if they were never there
with a roll of the eyes and a toss of
the hair,
words fall like threadbare dares
that fail to touch her eager nerves
I observe jumping at stories of mystery studs.

So I reach for the curve ball
ceasing to curb all my enthusiasm in
pursuit of passionate spasms,
too hard like Mongolian iron
against the Great Wall,
my ambitions about to flow where
pride goeth,
if they even notice under the sudden
press of discomfort,
faces straining like I was a cramp.

If aggression isn't the key
then I'm down to forget how the lock turns,
like clockwork I am playing the part of
an ant burned by magnified doubts,
the heavy, hot, and leaden cross
of the spurned,
never much liked to be churned
into bile and froth
in the back and forth
over what the dick and heart yearn for,
thus the long steps of this
night hike spite tour past
Bushwick's broken brick front yards,
I'm tired of showin' shit hands
I only wanna pull all y'all cards.

I should only portray my role,
grow thicker skin and zip my suit shut
until the day I make hard harlots play 52-Pick Up,
until then I'm stuck in these bitter twilight struts
trying to smack myself out of being the sad sack,
a corrugated courtesan, a perennial house cat.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Splintered by Lonely Winter

Awake in bed,
the sounds of roommate sex
a lime green draught burning
it's way down my ear canals,
irritation and jealousy
hand-in-hand pals,
fetal ball on my futon
I toss and turn
latent desire at the base
of the skull burns,
as a headboard dings our
shared thin wall,
gritted teeth set
as I suffer bleak withdrawal,
I succumb to frenzied midnight scrawls
digging with a scratching pen awl,
trying to excavate this predicament,
Papermate pacifier
barely proving sufficient,
I want to congratulate my friend
but I'm sick of all this.

Ignore Your Snooze

Alarmed by fuzzy Bon Jovi
booming out of a crackling alarm clock,
startled and groaning
about the first day of the semester,

The first day is always the worst,
I blurt,
searching for some semblance of alertness,
daunted by the task for finding new classes
and fumbling for glasses hiding undercover,
wireframe needle in a haystack snatched
furtively in the sudden aftermath of consciousness,
much needed in the wake of skipped breakfast
famished adventurer hastily equipped
a set of fresh ventures
ready to be sipped,
carpe diem is the name of today's drink.