Monday, March 5, 2012

The Gypsy's Night

I. The Rendezvous

It was an electric Friday,

crackling with party-hopping

restlessness across Bushwick,

throngs of people looking for

adventure amid the street lit apricot

streets as I attempted a feat

that had seen defeat on my last few tries,

to see a seemingly sweet girl

with hazel and green

eyes sigh pleasurably with me

sliding deep in between

her thighs,

I didn’t want to jump the gun,

fear of being under the thumb of

premature expectations,

the reverie of pregaming

with friends eased the pressure

as I watched myself mowed down

in a game of pool at a bar

like corn before the relentless thresher

I try to keep it cool on the

glacier-slow train ride to Bensonhurst

despite throbbing ventricles

beating out a force centrifugal

spinning in my gut,

I still feel a glut of nerves

clutched together shakily

as I step out of the station

hoping my lateness hasn’t

caused too much damage

on the designs of the night.

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