Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Gypsy's Night (2)

II. She, a vision.

Strolling up to her doorway
after a brief jaunt at a deli,
BLT crammed steadily into
my starving body crying slightly
from having Corona
shoved into it with
eager fists
ignoring the annoyed
grumble my stomach
gave, I made my way
inside her domain,
a first floor flat-like
place, framed around
her brightening face,

I again apologized for being late,
pulse beating heavy
at an alarming rate,
taking a breath I arrest
my resolve and hold
it close as I pull her
closer for a hug
she smiles
black top snug over
her braless torso
erasing the twinge
of sorrow and swallowed
apologies swimming around
in my gullet,
pushing me to gut it out
without worry,
confidence and Corona
in my veins now
mingling in a slurry
as we sit on her couch and talk.

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