Thursday, March 15, 2012

High School Chronicles: Absolute Beauty

So I guess a slight disclaimer is in order. I used to write poems at a site called (go there! you'll find some quality work in the featured poems section and submit some of your own if you feel so inclined). In searching out my own name on Google, I came upon a bunch of old poems from said site. Although these are embarrassing as hell, compared to some of the other work I've put up they are fairly tame. So without further ado:

Absolute Beauty

Her movements define grace.

Her features define beauty.

Her voice purrs with passionate song,

yet, I could never please her flawless existence.

And I now burn with icy pain;

Worse than the loss of white innocence,

to watch her admire one who does not deserve

the affection of heaven made flesh and sweet blood.

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