Monday, July 16, 2012

The Crumbling Temple

You were once a sweet servant
catering to any whim I created
in the folly of forgotten moments
you failed to remember your place
you failed to remember mine
calling me outside of my name
in order to crown yourself some unnamed deity

Yet without my adoration
without my venerating touch
you are but a statue carved out of lifeless marble
not such a wonder to behold any longer,
best left to be forgotten in the 
dust of your adoration
made stale by the falseness
of your airy benedictions
that now fall on deaf ears
and dead temples,
devoid of welcome or want
for your wanton wishes
that brought about
luminous shudders
scarlet contracts binding us
until you retraced the steps of Judas
and devoutly desecrated eternity.

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