Monday, April 29, 2013

Third Wheel of Torture

I watch warily tonight 
shark tank scenario
swirling with drunken current,
there's blood in the water
we all here at the party
can taste it,
so what am I faced with
predator nails clawing 
at the trap door in the pit
of my stomach scrabbling
to possess, press, impress
upon bouncing flesh 
for a few fleeting nights

Suddenly the thirst shifts
sizzling when another shark
swims close to the target
quickly a personal bargain is struck
swaying between the need for a quick fuck
and saving face in the pale light
of more aggressive opponents,
honor is my cross and I bear it heavily,
better to have laughed amid smoke
obey guy code and just let it be
preferring to skip sudden vendettas
against the next man 
you just bummed a cigarette from
with whom you honestly liked
through giggling coughs
better to go home, beat dick and
sidestep impromptu vaginal mexican standoffs.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dreams (1)

Constant invader
I am tired of your games
most are imagined,

Last week I learned when
walking in the waking world
I have to duck you,

Unfeeling temptress
you don't deserve to be here
stay out of my dreams.

The Flayed Man

On quiet spring nights
I peel with sharp ornate knives
to find light within

On groggy mornings
I salt deep with caustic salves 
see the fire dimmed.


A photographer
is taking pictures of my neighbor

I can hear his excitement
yeses pushed through gritted teeth

the very sounds the word ejaculate
was invented for

his oral encouragement
enraptured and fervent

snorting laughter's where my mind
and mouth went

when I was spent,
I felt shame

he enjoyed his work 
and stated it plain

envious of his passion
his funny tongue lashings

made him more of an artist
than a brooding poet

playing free-to-play flash games
lying lazily all the same.