Monday, April 29, 2013

Third Wheel of Torture

I watch warily tonight 
shark tank scenario
swirling with drunken current,
there's blood in the water
we all here at the party
can taste it,
so what am I faced with
predator nails clawing 
at the trap door in the pit
of my stomach scrabbling
to possess, press, impress
upon bouncing flesh 
for a few fleeting nights

Suddenly the thirst shifts
sizzling when another shark
swims close to the target
quickly a personal bargain is struck
swaying between the need for a quick fuck
and saving face in the pale light
of more aggressive opponents,
honor is my cross and I bear it heavily,
better to have laughed amid smoke
obey guy code and just let it be
preferring to skip sudden vendettas
against the next man 
you just bummed a cigarette from
with whom you honestly liked
through giggling coughs
better to go home, beat dick and
sidestep impromptu vaginal mexican standoffs.

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