Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Crucifix Position

You are addicted 
to pressing knives into yourself
a romantic habit,
chaining yourself into iron maidens
you haven't even seen naked yet
and likely never will,
the thrill of bleeding
overrides the strength to just be
to reach for those on higher shelves
and a higher self instead of 
sitting here in this cutting tomb
of what-if scenarios,

When you are here,
in your smallest place
why do you choose pain?

To prevail upon being impaled
to watch the widening stains?

If you truly feel alive 
under the whip and the blade
use your intense inquisitions
to drip toward a worthy goal
in lieu of opaque foes
and a lust for low-hanging fruit,
turn your blades outward 
so what you want will want you.


It would be easy 
to tell myself I am 
doing enough on page
every morning,
committing to a ritual scribbling
like a neophyte warrior
running through his katas
in a dojo

It is how you establish flow
which can be slow going when
one wants to be great,
to demonstrate vast inky powers
but to be a master
I must long surpass 10,000 hours.


A burden heavy
left a mother half-destroyed
she could only flee

crimes of a beloved
sent her spiraling madly
for Estonia

on this summer night
I console solid defeat
bringing a cleansed day.

Mit Einer Fackel

I look forward to seeing 
you in the morning
even though you often
tap dance between 
exhaustion and frustration,
I revel in being apart of 
your smiles if I can help it,
even if it isn't in the way I want,
I often wish I could kneel 
you melting in my mouth
and maybe on my hands
so you can stand against
the day a little taller

Despite it all,
you go to battle anyway,
you wonderful Munich valkyrie
I hate to see you leave but
I love to watch you go
in the light of my torch
held high and burning hot
but unfortunately the flames
burn for naught.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Hulks

Redbirds sitting rotten 
at the bottom of the seas
now left drowning 
by the seeds it used 
to oversee daily
through subterranean Gotham,
where has all that service gotten
them but a briny retirement,

Derelict mariner
decommissioned rat carrier
sunken ferry turned fish kingdom,
their memories may be short
but their bubbling gratitude outstrips ours
darting flowers happy to have 
a strange rusting home. 

Columbus Encircled

Deep in the trenches
of another nine-to-five firefight,
I watched queued faces alight
with eager wonder
to ascend the crisscrossed
steel tower hastily constructed
looming large behind me,
at the belly button of the city
where spiraling street winds
push me to hop from foot to foot
this clumsy dance a not-so-secret war
with my cold November-bitten boots
stamping like cloven hooves
as I try to soothe the nerves
of the buzzing line as their
excitement turns to
impatience turns to
bribery turns to
bitchiness turns to
my quizzical face at the front
of an ugly scaffold

This situation a war of attrition
their printed e-tickets squeezed in
hot hands,
the fog of their anxiety steaming up
toward the man of the hour
they glower at me to see,
it makes one question and shiver,
why freeze in the cold
to pay respects to the statue
of a killer?

Friday, June 7, 2013


When will people learn
lying through your teeth quickly
doesn't save your face.