Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Columbus Encircled

Deep in the trenches
of another nine-to-five firefight,
I watched queued faces alight
with eager wonder
to ascend the crisscrossed
steel tower hastily constructed
looming large behind me,
at the belly button of the city
where spiraling street winds
push me to hop from foot to foot
this clumsy dance a not-so-secret war
with my cold November-bitten boots
stamping like cloven hooves
as I try to soothe the nerves
of the buzzing line as their
excitement turns to
impatience turns to
bribery turns to
bitchiness turns to
my quizzical face at the front
of an ugly scaffold

This situation a war of attrition
their printed e-tickets squeezed in
hot hands,
the fog of their anxiety steaming up
toward the man of the hour
they glower at me to see,
it makes one question and shiver,
why freeze in the cold
to pay respects to the statue
of a killer?

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