Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Crucifix Position

You are addicted 
to pressing knives into yourself
a romantic habit,
chaining yourself into iron maidens
you haven't even seen naked yet
and likely never will,
the thrill of bleeding
overrides the strength to just be
to reach for those on higher shelves
and a higher self instead of 
sitting here in this cutting tomb
of what-if scenarios,

When you are here,
in your smallest place
why do you choose pain?

To prevail upon being impaled
to watch the widening stains?

If you truly feel alive 
under the whip and the blade
use your intense inquisitions
to drip toward a worthy goal
in lieu of opaque foes
and a lust for low-hanging fruit,
turn your blades outward 
so what you want will want you.

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