Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Tulsa Tornado

I am somehow lucky tonight,
twisting through the williamsburg twilight
like a discarded cigarette
off of Roebling swept around
by the turmoil within,
but with upturned chin,
I opt not to hide and bury myself
in pervasive pain made plain
on a grim windswept face
placing myself at the Grand Victory
looking for some kind of win in the
cold December wind

Boy was it worth it not to go home
or I would have missed her power
claw it's way off the stage
into my rib cage in the way
that she shoots it
from boots to brain
she's a typhoon see,
singing through the roof
as hard as she can,
I look at her boyfriend thinking,
"damn what a lucky man"
to be able to just be near that
force, blowing ventricles off course
loving the fantasy of
if I got to fuck the source,
but this is the closest I can get,
listening to battle maiden vignettes,
if someone like her was mine,
I'd be set.

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