Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Palette Cleanser

They so often say
"just be yourself and you're good"
what a pretty lie

sinking into ears
made hot by spring night meetups
just the preamble

to the main event
opening band blues sink in
that block out her smile

grace, class, and blue style
she sidles up as we talk
over Jamison

close talk and light touch
this is how the game is won
till my real role dawns

time consuming pawn
I'm no more than another john
as night marches on

pretty sure she thinks at
the main event as she sits
humoring the mark

the glass of water
before the real cherished drink
waiting soon elsewhere

threadbare dream of sex
turned waking nightmare of being
a used teddy bear again

she wants to know why
I am filling the train station
with salted madness

I wag long finger,
good times no longer lingered
there is nothing left for
me now because I'm
just your wilted piece of ginger.

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