Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Forgotten

You are fickle wind,
untouchable goddess-child,
gone in the summer

I'm remembered quick
in the fall like Daylight Savings Time,
an inconvenience

till the sun is gone
sweet october vinegar
splashed on your broken feet

late night memories
jump around in your skull
a wall of fast claws

cause cold sweats in bed
you bet on me, flattery
cleaning off tarnish

claim I'm not enough
and dart off again, sparkler
just remember though

you may be the wind
touching everyone, sexy
but no one holds you.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Rain Check

Just for me you say
"I gotta work tomorrow"
a pat on the head

Just for them you say
"yes yes it isn't too late"
a few drinks then sex

this vexes me quick
your responsibilities
a hasty hurdle

to keep me away 
until I have to soak some
blood up into me

you say you love me
although it may be the truth,
my role is the same

your shoulder soldier
perched readily to drink tears
an absurd parrot

or plodding packmule
carrying a collection
of both our stab wounds.