Monday, June 29, 2015

Emotion Sickness

Summoned under false pretenses,
a whiff of hypothetical pussy
works to dull my narrow-eyed skepticism,
a dumb pigeon trapped under
a pulled crate,
poked awake
wide-eyed and twitching
when she wants to bleed on me

"Here it comes"
I muse sadly,
the flood of complaints like
a mudslide gurgling over
me about her work,
about our acquaintances
about how no man is ready for her
ready to be a man to be with her,
which is when a revelation occurred:

"I don't want to be with you ever"
I loved her and still had
a soft spot or two for her
but our relationship
would be good head
and a festival of grievances

The thing about allegiances
is we often feel we are
owed and owe in return,
the bullshit churn of
more giving than taking
but for me it would just be
nothing but faking.

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