Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Sacrificial Lamb

"You gotta make de sacrifice" -My asshole coworker.

I appreciate the whole
"hang in there, kitty"
motivational poster rhetoric,
it's so easy for people
who don't work to tell you
to do more from the tops
of their high and mighty horses
whilst I shovel all the shit.

I am so tired of
this double standard shell game
at wage slavery,
where what's good for the goose
poisons the gander and then
he's gotta fly many miles
without complaining because
he's the rookie and for some reason
in life, hating and hazing the newest recruit
makes sense instead of spending time
making sure they are trained,

God forbid I make a mistake
then it's a browbeating from the boss,
another black mark against my name,
like an annoying cluster of dug-in burrs
because the few fuck-ups are the only thing
anyone ever seems to remember.

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