Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Taking the Hint

I always thought
the end of us
would be loud and angry,
the sharp blades of heated argument
cutting us to the quick,
a volcanic quarrel leading
to nothing but pain and ash.

It would seem though
that this isn't the case this time,
you memories of me relegated
to hazy, smoked-out vignettes
or venomous vitriol vented
out of a lovesick throat,
roars of passion pared down
to hoarse piecemeal croaks
as halfhearted as you
usually were to me.

you finally neglected me
into going away for good,
no more having to lie to me,
no more cringing from my kisses,
your wish is my command
so I will get left behind
like so many other men
not "good enough"
to be a good fit,
except this time
unlike so many others
I think I'm finally okay with it.